Pamela shares how the power of engagement produces excellent results.

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  • Hello Pam and Bob. An interesting approach. But it seems unusual for me to pay someone to help. Therefore, I think that a better approach would be if the participation in the group was free, of course, with the goal of acquiring buyers among the participants. Regards, Jure

    • Hi Jure,

      This is based very strongly on Pamela’s relationship with her subscribers. Those who know her recognize that they’ll receive exponentially greater value than the small cost to participate. Further evidence of the wisdom of this approach is the fact that it sold out within 24 hours.

      Also, we did not cover this point, but my experience is that people who pay for a program, even if it is inexpensive, are far more likely to truly participate and be valued members than those who enroll for free.

      Bob Serling


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